This original iPhone just sold for $133,000

A recent auction of an original iPhone has resulted in a scandalous bid from a huge Apple fan.

The first iPhone model had a 4 GB version and an 8 GB version

We’ve been experiencing a real event lately. boom Auctions of the original Apple iPhone. Over the years, the first iPhone, which in fact automatically became the first smartphone in history, becomes more and more valuable. Actually, some auctions reach absolutely exorbitant bids Like this iPhone that sold at auction for $63,000 in early 2023.

But the absolute auction record was reached by a 2007 iPhone with a bid of $190,000 in its original packaging..

It’s definitely an outrageous price, especially considering that at the end of the day, it’s just a smartphone. And now it has sold at auction for $133,000.

Original iPhone sold at auction for $133,000

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs proudly presents his little jewel that will eventually revolutionize the world

The tender we are talking about today was carried out by LCG Auctions. iPhone shattered into pieces after a hammer blow Sold at auction for $133,000.

About Original 4GB iPhone from 2007 The original iPod was listed alongside a collection of other rare Apple items, including other iPhone models and a special award Apple gives to employees after completing 20 years of service.

We are faced with a rarer than usual iPhone, the 4GB version of the original iPhone was discontinued by Apple just 3 months after its release because the vast majority of consumers preferred to buy the 8GB version. This of course increased its value at auction. For your part, An 8GB iPhone is worth $10,000.

The starting price of the iPhone introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 was $499. While it was a very expensive phone at the time, today it would be quite cheap considering the price of the iPhone 15 models and other new generation smartphones. But paying $133,000 for an iPhone… this is beyond all logic. But be careful, because this might not be a bad deal.

Chances are, unless he’s an eccentric millionaire, the bidder will have this idea: re-auction your valuable asset in a few yearswhen its value increases further.

The final bid of $133,000 in this auction gives plenty to think about. If the original iPhone is worth this high now… can you imagine how much it could cost in 50 years? What about 100 years after Apple ceased to exist and smartphones became a thing of the past? It will be a highly coveted item!

Source: i Padizate

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