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Netflix partners with Ubisoft for three new games you can enjoy for free if you subscribe


Netflix seems determined to continue betting on the video game ecosystem for its subscribers, despite the vast majority not playing and taking advantage of last night’s Ubisoft Forward event. They introduced three new video games that you will definitely love as there are recognized licenses.

And Netflix’s idea was to end this year with nearly 100 games available to its subscribers, and during yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward, the transmission giant was there to take the stage and announce a new collaboration. result in the launch of three exclusive games for subscribers including new Assassin’s Creed, Valiant Hearts 2 and Mighty Quest.

According to what is read in the statement, the first game of this association is a Sequel to Valiant Hearts It was set as a puzzle title in the First World War that will be available to subscribers next January.


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Another new video game strong questIt’s sort of roguelite-inspired hack and slash and will be coming over the next year, but with a less specific launch window.

Finally star game one The new iteration of Assassin’s CreedIt will probably be released together with the series, which is prepared for license and will be released during 2023.

Although Netflix has made many cuts in its investments in new series and movies, it seems to want to show more presence when it comes to the video game market.

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