Japanese company NEC wants to make obsolete to smart watchesbasically taking away one of its main functions: health monitoring, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen or respiration.

Because this company wants to use the camera in selfie mode to detect health situations.

NEC recently announced the ability to track your well-being using your phone’s selfie camera. The company’s so-called face and facial monitoring system is supposedly capable of detecting early signs of “anomalies” by analyzing your facial features and pupils using a selfie camera.

“By analyzing minute eye movements caused by involuntary contractions of the eye muscles, the state of a person’s body and mind can be more accurately assessed,” NEC states on its website.

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The company adds that it can accurately track your breathing and SpO2 levels. The company also says it can measure your “click rate,” although we’re guessing this is a translation issue and they mean “heart rate.” Either way, the solution will tell you whether your measurements are “normal” or “abnormal.”

NEC says the solution will be launched in fiscal year 2024 “or later.” In fact, the company also noted that the technology is still in the research and development stage, suggesting that there is no guarantee of a commercial launch.

Source: Digital Trends

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