One The gang earned approximately R$22 million from its resale. iPhones stolen and was stolen this was the target of the operation carried out by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) on Wednesday (29). The group operated in the municipality of Unaí in Minas Gerais, as well as in Brasília and nearby cities.

According to PCDF, investigations began following the theft of an iPhone from a store in Brazlândia (DF) in January this year. Thanks to smartphone tracking and privacy breaches obtained in court, police were able to track the activities of the people involved and discovered they had been operating for at least a year.

The group of eight people was accused of stealing, taking and illegally selling phones. Authorities found that they prioritized high-cost mobile phones such as Apple mobile phones. can be sold directly to the public or transferred to specialized stores.

Resale of stolen iPhones took place in stores at the Brazilian Import Fairoperating in the federal capital’s Industrial and Supply Sector (SIA), according to the investigation. One Unai mobile phone store He also sold the devices transferred by the gang.

Seized mobile phones

Within the scope of Operation Don Quixote initiated by the Brazilian 18th Police Station, 8 search warrants were issued in the homes and stores of members of the criminal organization who resold stolen phones. Searches were carried out in Brasília, Taquatinga, Ceilândia, Sol Nascente, Samambaia and Unaí.

The action was carried out with the participation of the Special Operations Unit (DOE/PCDF) and the Civil Police of the State of Goiás. It ended with the seizure of 45 mobile phones. In the images published by the research, different iPhone models as well as Motorola, Xiaomi and Samsung devices are seen.

According to the PCDF, three of the targets of the operation were already involved in theft and aggravated reception crimes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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