We are slowly learning new details about Motorola’s next folding phone. Recently, a video was leaked showing the possible design of the next member of the Razr family. And now, all the information that was missing to know all the secrets has been leaked. Motorola Razr3.

You may be surprised by its name, don’t worry, there is no model you missed. Motorola chose to launch the Razr 3 directly, although logically it was the turn of the Razr 2.

And what do we know about this terminal? The truth is, almost anything. To begin with, they collaborated with Steve H.McFly, better known from Comparative. @Onleaks, and is one of the most famous filters. And thanks to this collaboration, they released the price of Motorola Razr 3.

This will be the cost of Motorola Razr 3

On a technical level too. We know this model will be quite powerful. Previous leaks suggest that the Motorola Razr 3 will have the best Qualcomm processor. We are talking about the new Snapdragon 8 Gen1+, which was presented a month ago and significantly improves the performance of its predecessor.

On the other hand, we know this will happen. 6.7-inch main display with AMOLED technology and 120 Hz refresh rate. To this we must add a 3-inch external display, which will be perfect for displaying notifications without having to display the main panel.

And it surprises because price of the next Motorola foldable will be lower than expected. Or, as they say that this new Motorola Razr 3 will cost 1,149 euros, which is guessed from the information released by the media we mentioned, which is a very attractive figure if you take into account that its predecessor had a launch price of 1,399. euro. It is noted that the production costs of folding screens are gradually adjusted…

As usual, You need to get the information with tweezers because while it is true that the source of this leak is very reliable, we are currently dealing with a rumor. Yes, it’s true that it makes sense for the price to become more affordable. It should be noted that the reason folding phones are so expensive has to do with the complexity required to manufacture the screen, as these processes are simplified, cheaper folding phones will be able to launch.

Now we have to wait for the manufacturer to announce the official launch date of Motorola Razr 3 to see what surprises us. Rumors suggest it will arrive during the third quarter of 2022but until the manufacturer confirms this, we can only arm ourselves with patience.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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