Company Amazon It was at a time when it launched a large number of models to refresh its product line, and today it is the turn of one of its most stylish smartwatches. We show you the innovations it contains and always at a very attractive price, to be a better option than Xiaomi wearables.

The model we are talking about is Amazfit Zepp EAvailable in two versions, one with a circular screen (1.28 inch AMOLED) and the other with a rectangular panel (1.5 inch AMOLED). This way, you can always choose the one that best suits the tastes of each. In both cases the resolution exceeds 300 dpi, which ensures good image quality – they include the Always On Display option to show information without having to open it.

with a metal coating called 3-dimensional, this accessory has a perfect curvature so that the fusion between body and panel is perfect and striking. In addition, it has high-resistance glass so that the appearance is very striking, which is accompanied by the fact that the thickness in the two versions of the Amazfit Zepp E in no case exceeds the thickness. nine millimeters. Oh, and the weight stays under 90 grams, so you hardly notice it being worn.

Since its launch, a A lot What does it have to do with options? straps. This allows you to fully customize the smartwatch as you can find it in the skin options; pass through metal; and you will even be able to purchase official options of large-resistance fluoroelastomer.

Amazfit Zeep E smart watch in black


All kinds of options in this Amazfit

To begin with, it has all kinds of sensors that can recognize daily activity as well as health elements with good precision. That way, you can unknowingly amount of oxygen The quality of your sleep is in your blood. And whatever has to do with the sports section, this is an Amazfit model, allowing it to be recognized without being particularly dedicated to it. Up to 11 types of automatic activities different. Therefore, the PPG element and accelerometer offer all sorts of options.

not lost water protection it has five atmospheres so you can go to the gym with it and don’t need to take it to the shower, it is worth noting that this Amazfit Zepp E has a good battery that allows you to use the device without looking for a plug. for one week. It’s not the best on the market, but we’re talking about activating all sensor options. And in this case, it responds perfectly.

The price of this smart watch

Considering all that has been said and its lack of compatibility with iOS and Android terminals, you might think its price is exaggerated as the finish is of high quality. And the truth is, Amazfit continues the way it works: to offer the maximum possible for a limited price. Price like this about 109 euros to change cheapest option. The truth is, it’s not bad at all.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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