Apple Vision Pro, available on February 2nd, received their first major update with bug fixes and improvements to some key features. A new version, visionOS 1.1; Currently in beta testing, it includes, among other things, the ability to reset VR viewing settings from home if, due to some unforeseen event, the owner has forgotten the unlock code.

Until now, If someone fails, the number of attempts to unlock Vision Pro using the numeric code, I had to take the device to the Apple Store so they could reset it to factory settings. Or send them to Apple technical support via messaging. The reason is that Vision Pro does not have a port to connect to a Mac and Apple also did not implement a software recovery method in version 1 of its operating system.

However, with the new update, users will see a new message if they forget the unlock code, which is confirmed. 9to5Mac. The warning states: “This Apple Vision Pro is locked. You can wait and try the password again, or you can erase and reset your Apple Vision Pro right now,” and a button will appear to reset Vision Pro settings. However, owners must enter their Apple ID password to be able to use the glasses again. And later set up a new unlock key.

New Vision Pro update makes virtual avatars less deformed

VisionOS version 1.1 for Apple Vision Pro It also improves the design People, virtual avatars used in FaceTime video calls. They are now a little more realistic and less deformed than in the first version. However, we should not forget that the function People This feature is in beta.

In parallel, VisionOS 1.1 includes enterprise device management for Apple Vision Pro. That is, Apple now allows companies to customize virtual reality headsets for their employees at any scale. This will allow you to enable new features such as single sign-on or other security and privacy measures that Apple provides to companies.

This is no doubt good news considering that the Vision Pro, as the name suggests, The device is intended for professionals, and this can be especially useful in some companies. Users can also take advantage of work-focused features like connecting their Mac to the glasses for an even larger desktop experience and using both the trackpad and physical keyboard of their device.

Source: Hiper Textual

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