You can now repair iMac and MacBook Pro with M3 chip yourself

The MacBook Pro and iMac with the M3 chip are already part of Apple’s self-repair program; Support will be added to the Apple Diagnostics application in the coming days

MacBook Pro and iMac with M3 chips available in October 2023

Apple’s self-healing program continues to pay off, and an expansion of model compatibility on the Mac was recently announced. MacBook Pro M3 and iMac M3, introduced only in October 2023, are already part of Apple’s self-service system. You can request Cupertino-certified parts to perform repairs. There will be no need to go to the Apple Store anymore.

Repairing your equipment with the M3 chip may now be possible under your own control

Apple Diagnostics will also be updated to include support for evaluating your device’s performance.. The same System Settings will also be updated to allow independent repair of the Mac. Apple leaves it in the hands of users to repair or resolve hardware problems.

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Apple’s ‘self-healing’ service is now official

How does Apple’s self-healing program work? It basically consists of: Anyone with an Apple device can access repair services It’s like you’re going to an Apple Store or authorized Apple reseller. It is closely aligned with global legislation on the right to repair, which stipulates that each manufacturer must offer independent access to parts and tools.

Even though it is a program of his own choosing, there is still criticism

Of course, the majority of users who do not consider themselves experts or capable of solving problems with their equipment still continue to go to the Apple Store or distributor. But some critics say the Cupertinos maintain tight control of their processes.

Mac Repair

Several computers participate in Apple repair program

Parts for self-service repair of Apple products are ordered through the Store. Here you can get repair manuals, tools and original parts.

The problem lies in the prices set and the recording in Apple’s configuration systemswhich results in: other customers purchase incompatible spare parts. The parts matching policy is very strict and devices with such parts will cause the equipment to no longer work.

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