Huge community Fortnite He was enjoying Chapter 4 of Season 2 when, unexpectedly, Epic Games surprised everyone with an extremely relevant announcement. The one that is sure will mark the future of gaming in the coming years.

Fortnite will cover Unreal Editor, a tool that will allow developers to create personalized experiences within the game itself. From regular mods to levels that can even lead to new games.

“Unreal editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is a new PC application for designing, developing and publishing games and titles directly to Fortnite“, describe from Epic Games.

Certainly, Unreal Editor is directly supported by Unreal Engine 5, the latest generation graphics engine from Epic Games. This of course ensures that any experience created with this tool is compatible with all platforms where Fortnite has a presence. That is, consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

“With Unreal Engine 5’s many powerful tools and workflows at your disposal, including Custom Asset Import, Modeling, Materials and Control Setup, Sequencer and VFX, you’ll have plenty of options to create and publish games and experiences on Fortnite that millions of players can enjoy.

Epic Games.

However, it is important to note that Unreal Editor only available for computers. This is the publication of created content that may go beyond the PC.

Another issue that needs to be cleared up is that Unreal Editor is an application for professionals – or enthusiasts – of software development. It’s because of The experiments that can be done with it are really difficult., so intervention in the code is necessary. In fact, those who are interested in using the features of Unreal Editor in Fortnite they will have to learn a new programming language: Verse.

“Verse provides powerful customization options such as device hacking or chaining, as well as the ability to easily create new game logic.”

Epic Games.

For those interested in creating less complex but more visceral experiences, creative mode will continue to be available. Fortnite.

However, it is the birth of this type of sentence that motivates many people to learn programming. The PC modding community is huge and it is the players’ curiosity to realize their own ideas that has led them to become interested in the world of software development.

Fortnite It’s not just a game, it’s a platform


Why Unreal Editor is so important for the future Fortnite? Soon, the game will become a full-fledged platform which will host several gaming experiences created by the community.

Thanks to Unreal Editor, Fortnite could claim to be the next Minecraft as for the flexibility of adapting to the ideas of the players. Everything is subject to creativity.

So get ready to see all sorts of creations inside Fortnite. This will certainly extend the life of the title indefinitely. Expected that March 22 Epic Games will be hosting a showcase at GDC 2023 to showcase the entire new Unreal Editor. It will be available for download on the Epic Games Store on the same day.

Source: Hiper Textual

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