Samsung has two very attractive budget cell phones that have distinctive Galaxy features, so they boast sophisticated designs and perhaps the best level of Android customization on the market: One UI. We compare Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A24 to tell you which of these two budget mobile phones is better for you.

Galaxy A14 vs Galaxy A24: Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Samsung Galaxy A24
Screen Super LCD 6.6″ FHD+ (2408 x 1080p, 400 ppi), 90 Hz AMOLED 6.5″ FHD+ (2340 x 1080p, 396 ppi), 90 Hz

Maximum brightness 1000 nits

Cameras Main lens 50 MP f/1.8, depth lens 2 MP f/2.4

2 MP f/2.4 macro

13 MP f/2.0 for selfies

Main 50 MP f/1.8

Wide-angle 5 MP f/2.2

2 MP f/2.4 macro

Selfie 13 MP f/2.2

CPU Exinos 1330 Mediatek Helio G99
RAM and storage 4 GB/128 GB 4 GB/128 GB
Battery 5000 mAh, fast charging 15 W. 5000 mAh, fast charging 25 W.
Dimensions 167.7 x 78 x 9.1 mm, 7.09 oz (201 g) 162.1 x 77.6 x 8.3 mm, 6.88 oz (195 g)
OS Android 13 with One UI Core 5

Upgradeable to Android 14 using

Android 13 with One UI 5

Upgradeable to Android 14 with One UI 6.

Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2, NFC Bluetooth 5.3, NFC
Networks 2G – 3G – 4G – 5G 2G – 3G – 4G
Price $170 on Amazon

Mexican pesos for $3,672 on Amazon

$175 on Amazon

Mexican Pesos for $4,059 on Amazon

Design and Display: Choose the Best Display

Christine Romero-Chan/Digital Trends

The Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A24 have a very similar design. Both have plastic bodies in different colors that can look youthful or serious. Samsung doesn’t provide information on the security level of each phone, so whichever one you choose, we suggest protecting it with a case and screen protector.

When it comes to the screen, we think the key differentiator between one device and the other is the panel technology: AMOLED in the case of the Galaxy A24 and LCD in the Galaxy A14 5G. The difference is that you will see more vibrant colors on the Galaxy A24, which is why the winner in this section is the Galaxy A24.

Cameras: good for their range

Samsung practically integrates the same sensors into each of the photo modules of its Galaxy A14 5G and A24, and the results are also very similar. We suggest not getting too carried away with the functions of the depth sensors and wide-angle sensor, since almost all the work is done by the main sensor, which in both phones is 50-megapixel.

Samsung Galaxy A24 | Review in Spanish
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G | Review in Spanish

The results from both are acceptable for their range, with accurate and well-defined colors. At night, Night mode will make your shots easier. However, whatever the use case, keep in mind that you will have slow motion, which will make it very difficult for you to shoot fast scenes. Don’t forget that we are talking about budget cell phones.

Performance and battery

Based on numbers alone, the Exynos 1330 in the Galaxy A14 5G performs better than the Helio G99 in the Galaxy A24. Ideally, Samsung should put a better processor in a higher-end phone, but that’s not happening.

Likewise, given that the performance differences between one processor and another are minimal, you most likely won’t notice any difference between one and the other.

The same thing happens with the battery, which, having the same capacity in both models, provides very similar autonomy. However, it is likely that thanks to the panel technology, you will find better battery life, albeit very marginally, in the Galaxy A14 5G.

Perhaps the only key difference is fast charging: 25 W for the Galaxy A24 and 15 W for the Galaxy A14 5G.

Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A24: which is better?

Since the price difference between one and the other is minimal, we suggest you go for the Galaxy A24 simply because its screen will look brighter and with more vibrant colors. By the way, you will have faster charging.

However, 5G compatibility aside, we’d say the Galaxy A24 is only a slightly better version of the Galaxy A14 5G.

Source: Digital Trends

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