One of the biggest concerns of users iPhone It is Apple’s autonomy. This is because historically, these devices have not offered a particularly large battery, and in some cases, this impacts when it comes to duration. Well, the details of what the next generation has to offer were known, and the truth is, they are positive.

The process of including higher amperage components isn’t exactly straightforward. This is because, interior order The terminal may be an obstacle. In addition, the thickness of the smartphone also affects, because it is always tried to be as small as possible to achieve a good result. ergonomics. The fact is that the Cupertino company would have managed to increase the load that it will offer on almost all iPhone 14s.

What will all the iPhone 14 have to offer?

According to the source of the information, each of the four models that Apple plans to launch next September will have a different amperage rating. Inside in most cases there are improvements, but there is one exception: the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which will have a 4,323 mAh charge compared to 4,352 of the previous generation. We’ll have to see the reasons why this is so.

this rest It will offer the following quantities of smartphones made by the North American firm (in parentheses we indicate the load of models from the current Apple range):

  • iPhone 14 with 6.1-inch screen: 3,279 mAh (3,227)
  • iPhone 14 Max with 6.7-inch screen: 4,325 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro with 6.1-inch screen: 3,200 mAh (3,095).
Image of the back of an iPhone


The truth is, there are more interesting ones, and this ensures that, at the very least, the company’s new phones with the bitten apple have a lifespan equal to what the current models offer. Therefore, in principle there good news.

Does this provide better autonomy?

Well, although it is not an improvement as in the case of the Pro Max, in principle it should be like that. This is because most of the components that the new iPhone 14 will use will be more energy efficient. And a clear example of what we’re saying is their screen, which can handle frequencies a lot. more efficient and dynamic. Therefore, they do not always need a lot of energy, it is always a progress.

In conclusion, if you’re an Apple fan, calmbecause the autonomy of your new phones will not be a disaster that will cause you to lose the value of the product you bought.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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