This Tuesday, a Bogota judge was convicted Aida Victoria Merlano was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison and arrest warrant former congressman against for participating in his mother’s escape Aida Merlano Rebolledo.

Although the sentence has not been finalized, it is due to the crimes of 90 months house arrest for which he was convicted. avoid compliments and the use of minors to commit crimes for which he was acquitted Javier Guillermo Cely’s associated with the case.

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This Tuesday’s appointment started at 2:05 pm and was attended by the Public Ministry representative, the prosecutor handling the case, the lawyer. Miguel Angel del Rio and her client, Aida Victoria Merlano.

After the hearing was held at 2:09 pm, the 20th Circuit Criminal Court of Information Officer in Bogota began reading the sentence explaining why the former congressman was in court. dentist officeand he told the people who were there one by one.

“(Aida Victoria and her brother) would go into the materials so their mother will make the escape“The convicted judge added that elements were found in a black briefcase that the convicted woman’s brother left in the office bathroom, a bag his mother later retrieved.

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After stating that the videos recorded in the office were not taken into account because it violated the privacy of private life. acquittal Against the dentist, the court referred to the case of Aida Victoria, who she said had occurred after her mother’s use of floss and gloves had been acquired long ago.

“To that extent, what was noticed was a deal. co-author“, the judge read. In that sense, Aida thought Victoria had proven her mother was a co-author and not an accomplice, because “it would be different if the point of the accusation was to divert the guard’s attention in her favor. escape”.

“However, since the principle of consistency prevails, complicity will be admitted As the degree of participation for which a criminal complaint is made and a conviction is requested,” he said.

Explaining how the final arguments were made, the president of the court in question, last shot vs Aida Victoria Merlano, seven and a half years he will have to pay an amount under house arrest, for which he is also disqualified from public office.

Given this situation, he appealed, as did the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office. I did not accept that the offense of using minors is imposed. Lawyer Del Río also appealed and agreed to take the relevant procedure within the next five days.

This judicial process October 5, 2019 against the accused. From then until September 6 of this year, there were allegations and a sense of conviction. influential.

In the claims, Prosecutor’s Office claimed that he escaped According to the accuser, it was not an individually planned action as the former congressman’s children were involved, as evidenced by the bag carrying the black briefcase.

Likewise, the prosecutor, d.goodness elite escape, but not the use of a minor to commit the crime. In the end, the judge decided to acquit Cely of both charges.

On your own behalf lawyer aforementioned While his defense was led by a lawyer, it was not proven that the dentist disagreed with the plan. Sergio RamirezHe confirmed that the prosecution did not find sufficient evidence to show that Cely was allied with the former congressman and his children.

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In the last hours, the convict stated that he would pack his suitcase to appear before the authorities if justice ordered.

This is how he described it in an internet broadcast, the convicted person saying “two things can happen: they let me. wait for the second failure or deprive me of my freedom”.

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At the hearing, the judge in the case decided that Aida Victoria simply did not know that her mother was going to die. to escapebut he also helped come up with the plan, taking advantage of his younger brother.

After reading the meaning of the judgment, the defendant’s defense, led by attorney Miguel Del Río, attractiveThis will allow him to go free while the decision is made in the Bogota High Court.

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