Chinese manufacturer Huawei this Monday (4) presented a new headset for the Brazilian market. This Huawei Free ClipRelying on a differentiated design to win over the consumer.

Headphone view is known as “C bridge” It even looks like an earring when viewed from afar. In the shape of the letter “C”, It fits around the ear and does not completely block the ear canal.. This way, you can enjoy the content while still hearing the surrounding environment.

Also, its a “Reverse noise canceling”. Thanks to this technology, other people cannot hear your voice and music without the sound “leaking” to those around you.

Another difference is that does not have predefined left and right sides. The orientation of each earbud is decided only after you place them in your ear, without having to get the side “wrong”.

Huawei FreeClip in detail

Despite its design, it is the traditional completely wireless stereo (TWS) headphone in use. The model has a high-precision dual-magnet 10.8 mm driver, providing good sound quality.

there is battery Total 36 hours — Guaranteed 8 hours of uninterrupted playback and extra time in the box for charging the headphones.

Just use the touch-sensitive controls to configure your headset or pause music. The device also includes: resistance IP54 against sweat, water and dust particles.

Huawei Free Clip

Additionally, the headphones have artificial intelligence (AI) support for calls. It has three microphones to filter out ambient noise and make your voice stand out during calls.


Huawei FreeBuds, which comes in purple and black color options, can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official stores on Amazon and also from Mercado Livre.

Models at launch costs R$ 1,099 at promotional price. After March 10, the value will increase to R$ 1,299.

Source: Tec Mundo

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