The Chinese Haval will start the production of car engines in Russia. The plant in the Tula region will produce up to 100 thousand engines per year.

Chinese Haval to start production of car engines in Russia


Chinese automobile brand Haval will launch an engine production plant in Russia. Ivan Dushkin, head of foreign relations at Haweil Motor Manufacturing Rus, told Chinese Automobiles.

The company will be organized on the territory of the current Haval assembly workshop in Uzlovaya Park in the Tula region. According to Dushkin, the plant will produce 100 thousand engines per year and will supply units for 90% of the Haval models announced in the Russian line.

Previously it was reported about Haval’s plans to open a plant in Russia to produce engines with a capacity of 80 thousand units per year.

In January it became known that Haval would recall more than 32,000 cars in Russia due to the threat of a short circuit.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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