The new iPad Pro will be more expensive, that’s how much it costs

Technological innovations of the new generation iPad Pro will increase its price slightly

iPad Pro 6th generation launching in 2022

The 2024 iPad Pro series seems to bring major changes and will be the biggest product update since the 2018 iPad Pro, but as can be understood, improvements have been implemented in the production of the iPad Pro, such as its screen. OLED or his M3 chip It will raise your price a little more.

The latest rumors suggest that the new iPad Pro models will have bezels reduced by 15% and may also have a screen covered with nano-textured glass with improved anti-reflective film. How much more expensive could Apple’s new iPad Pro be? What will the price be?

In principle, the new generation iPad Air and iPad Pro will be introduced at the beginning of May 2024. That’s when we will eliminate all our doubts. However, we can estimate what the price will be by calculating some details.

Possible price of 2024 iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Apple will launch the new iPad Pro in May 2024

Possibly the biggest price increase among the hardware components of the new generation iPad Pro 2024 OLED technology from your screen. The latest iPadOS 17.5 beta software update confirmed that the iPad Pro will have an OLED display in both the 11-inch version and the 13-inch model.

iPad Pro will have OLED displays One of the biggest changes in history Your Apple tablet. And they are expected to have the best quality on the market.

Currently, the 11-inch iPad Pro (4th generation) is available starting at: 1,049 euros The starting price of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (6th generation) is 1,449 euros.

Information collected by DigiTimes indicates that the base price of the 11-inch iPad Pro will not exceed $1,000. This means The increase in price will be approximately 200 dollars.

If we estimate the price in euros according to the exchange rate, theoretically the price of new iPad Pro models will be around the following figures:

  • 11 inch iPad Pro: 1,249 euros.
  • 13 inch iPad Pro: 1,549 euros.

Mark Gurman, on the other hand, did not provide specific data about the price of the new series of 2024 iPad Pros, but assured that they would be more expensive than their predecessors.

Big news is expected for the new iPad Pro of 2024, and it is even said that it may come with support. MagSafe and new Smart Connector 4 pins. Additionally, the new iPad Pro models will not come alone. These will be accompanied by a new Apple Pencil 3 with interchangeable magnetic tip system and a new Magic Keyboard made of high-quality aluminum.

Source: i Padizate

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