The latest Apple Watch Series 10 leak will bring a smile to fans’ faces. He best selling smartwatch in the world would be ready to make a significant leap in the autonomy section. The Cupertino company wants to take an active role in countering leaks that talk about several new features for the 2024 watch.

Reportedly IT Home page, The battery of future smartwatches will perform better thanks to the use of new technologies. With this update, Apple Watch Series 10 will become closer to one of the main features of the Ultra model – its wide autonomy.

Now the improvement in autonomy, according to the above-mentioned source, will not happen from increasing the number of mAh batteriesbut rather an update in screen technology.

LTPO OLED full screen Apple Watch

Contrary to what many people think, The current Apple Watch doesn’t use the same technology across the entire panel.. As the above source points out, the watch screen is divided into two different methods: LPTO TFT and LTPS.

LTPO TFT technology more advanced and efficient thanks to the use of polycrystalline oxide, and LTPS panels use polysilicon. Well, Apple Watch Series 9 only uses LTPO TFT in two of eight transistors from the screen. The rest is LPTS.

The leak tells us that Apple will be working to All transistors in Apple Watch Series 10 are LTPO TFT. Using oxide to replace silicon saves panel components and allows more efficient by controlling the lighting of each pixel.

In short, technical details aside, this change to the Apple Watch Series 10 will mean improving panel energy consumptionwhich can lead to saving battery power and therefore greater daily autonomy.

As we could see in our analysis of the Apple Watch Series 9, the watch is not yet ready to offer two days of autonomysomething that in 2024, thanks to the promising efficiency of the screen, will begin to be visible on the horizon.

Apple Watch Series 10 could be thinner

But the possible benefits do not end there, because thanks to LTPO TFT technology Apple may also reduce the thickness of the panel. By requiring fewer components, the layers of the screen can be more compacted, so the company can also create Apple Watch is a little thinner.

Or, why not, take advantage of this free space to install an additional battery and increase the battery life to the incredible levels of the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Source: Hiper Textual

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