big surprise coming Xiaomi. Unexpectedly, the date of one of their most anticipated terminals has been released, which is also a big surprise as to what it has to do with its camera. We tell you what it’s all about and what to expect from this new smartphone with Android operating system.

The model we are talking about is Xiaomi 12S, a model whose existence is speculated, but for which there is no official data. Well, today the Asian firm confirmed it will be next july 4th (at 1 pm in Spain) when the terminal is official. The truth is, if history is well studied, doubts begin as to whether this model will be the tomb of the 12 Ultras that caused so much talk.

This is a surprising fact at Xiaomi

As stated in the announcement of the event, what is sought with this smartphone “Strategic update on Xiaomi photography”, so the innovations of this device will focus specifically on this section. And among the new options is that this will be a model that will include the previously announced collaboration. leika To optimize everything related to the use of the included camera. Again, there are doubts about the 12 Ultra, which in principle will release a component with this option.

Back of Xioami 12S


Another thing that is expected to include this Xiaomi 12S is that it will use the processor. Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the most powerful of all Qualcomm announced today. This will be the case in two of the three variants of the terminal. Third, a MediaTek component, specifically Size 9000+. The nomenclature of the two additional devices will be the 12S Pro and 12S Ultra, which fits the way this manufacturer works.

Is this the end of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra?

The truth is, at least this news makes you doubt As for whether or not this phone will finally be announced, its appeal with the use of the Leica camera is blurred by the device, which was confirmed to go official on July 4th. It could be one of the options that could be offered as an added bonus, but the truth is that the Ultra’s appeal isn’t that great anymore because it won’t be the first company to have Leica’s help. Before long, yes, we will leave doubts.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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