This happens to an iPhone left in an open fryer

iPhone proves it can withstand even the most incredible accidents!

Many users had accidents with their iPhones in the kitchen

On a daily basis, our electronic devices may be exposed to various situations that test their resistance and durability. Although the news of the iPhone being able to withstand a fall from 16,000 feet raised the bar in the list of incredible stories months ago, there is another news that continues to be repeated. These are iPhones submerged in deep fryers.

The “fried iPhone” story posted on Reddit channel r/iPhone left more than one person speechless. According to the publication, An iPhone continued to work pretty much the same way after being dropped into an outdoor deep fryer. And there are videos that confirm this, as we show below.

Fried iPhone
byu/SittingWaves iniphone

iPhone resists unexpected tariff

In the published videos, you can see that the iPhone screen is on even though its content is covered with a thick layer, which shows: The oil entered the phone without causing any damage.

Although the author of the publication did not share more details on this subject, the following is known: This isn’t the first time an iPhone has encountered this situation. In 2023, the user of the TikTok account @zaiem_ainn published a video with a similar situation, and this video quickly went viral.

At that time, the Malaysian chef He shared an iPhone-recorded video explaining how to determine if fried chicken is cooked through.but in the process, the device fell into the fryer.

He managed to get out of the basket after about 12 seconds. Videos later recovered showed that iPhone continued recording inside the pot and picked up the sound of bubbling oilIn addition to Zaiem’s ​​audible attempts to save her and a vision of him pulling her out of the oil.

Why isn’t the iPhone damaged by falling into boiling oil?

Although Apple advertises all iPhone models from iPhone 7 to 14 as splash, water and dust resistant, it says nothing about frying. IP ratings indicate protection against clean water only, excluding salt water.

Until now, There is no explanation from either Apple or any expert that would help conclude why the iPhone can withstand high temperatures.. It is clear that only the build quality of the iPhone and the durability of its interior can be trusted beyond what Apple guarantees.

Source: i Padizate

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