He Apple’s “Crush” ad and which showed a giant machine crushing tools and technology meant shame and apology from the people of Cupertino, as well as suffering the ridicule of a classic rival: Samsung.

But the Korean company was not the only one who wanted to use this devastating announcement for their own purposes, as the Chinese Xiaomi He also did his job in his own way.

All this is in progress towards the India launch of the Xiaomi 14 Civi.

The short ad, tagged #CinematicVision (Civi for short), shows a hydraulic press stopping long before it begins to destroy it.

#CinematicVision – Soon! pic.twitter.com/Exnu9If9Da

— Xiaomi India (@XiaomiIndia) May 21, 2024

What is not entirely clear is what the purpose of the Chinese brand was, the advertisement is not finished, the feature to be promoted is also not clearly explained, so it seems like a bad experience of trolling Apple.

Xiaomi Civi is a mid-range smartphone with a 5G 120Hz screen and a design worthy of higher-end mobiles.

Source: Digital Trends

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