Apple is too demanding to release a foldable iPhone right now

Apple will continue to improve its foldable screen devices until they reach perfection

Everyone expects the foldable iPhone to revolutionize the market

The latest information was that Apple would not release a foldable iPhone before 2026, and now a new rumor determines this. We won’t see a foldable screen smartphone from Apple until 2027, As a minimum. The Cupertino company is very demanding about its products and continues its development slowly.

Apple continues to develop its foldable screen iPhone

Foldable iPhone concept

Apple isn’t convinced about the quality of existing folding displays

As reported in a press release on TrendForce, Apple will not release an iPhone with a foldable screen until 2027. Its entry into the industry could completely change the rules of the game.

Right now Folding screen phone sales represent only 1.5% of total sales of the smartphone market. However, analyst forecasts suggest that this rate will rise to 4.8% by 2028.

Despite high repair rates and costs, market penetration is projected to increase to 4.8% around 2028.

Samsung became the leading company in foldable smartphone sales. The company achieved 80% market share in 2022, but in recent years its importance has fallen to a market share ranging from 50% to 60%.

Apple continues to develop its foldable iPhone and the company is currently Evaluation of component and performance characteristicswith great emphasis on strict folding and reliability requirements.

They are in high demand from Apple when developing a new product. They want everything to be perfect. And in the case of folding screens multiple design factors causing various performance issues. Both at the software level and at the hardware level. But when Apple finally introduces its foldable-screen iPhone, it’s sure to be the envy of other rivals.

Slowly and in beautiful handwriting

As Apple continues to work on prototypes, concepts about what the foldable iPhone will be like continue to emerge.

As Apple continues to work on prototypes, concepts about what the foldable iPhone will be like continue to emerge.

It’s not the first time we see how Apple delayed one of its projects to achieve perfection before going to market. There is no such thing as perfection in the technology sector, where all developments are advancing at a dizzying pace, but it is much less so.

But no matter what, Apple is known as a company that achieves this. Expects competitors to develop a much better product. It is a non-aggressive but very effective marketing strategy. Apple takes their time, and that’s something that’s always worked very well for them.

The past already tells us that the launch of Apple products significantly increase popularity number of devices in your industry. This happened on the iPhone, the iPad and, most of all, the Apple Watch. And now this is happening again with Apple Vision Pro. Will the same situation happen again when the foldable iPhone arrives? Will such curved screen smartphones definitely become fashionable?

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