Apple already has a plan to attract your attention to its next AirPods and convince you to buy them. The company has filed a patent that raises the possibility that its future headphones come with an updated case. And yes we are talking about AirPods with screena new idea that from this very moment has equal parts supporters and opponents.

This news came after new Apple patent which reflects a total of 27 sketches. There is no room for doubt in them: the company wants to integrate touch panel on the AirPods body to control playback and activate or deactivate certain options, such as active noise cancellation.

If the idea seems familiar to you, it’s because it’s not new. There are already several companies that integrate screens into their wireless headphones, which are not always touchscreen or color. In fact, if you look on AliExpress, you will find dozens of options that try to attract attention with this claim, executed mediocrely.

Apple, as we are used to, would give this idea a new impetus. implement it as efficiently as possible, unique features and a pleasant experience for users of its ecosystem. So is this a good or bad idea?

AirPods with a screen: yes or no?

After hearing about this concept from Apple and its intention to integrate it into future AirPods, we wonder if this is the case? genius or something that won’t come true. We’ve thought about this idea and found several advantages, as well as some disadvantages. AirPods with screen.

  • The first thing you should do with these AirPods is place an order, which we classify as awkward. Without a doubt Apple will use the inclusion of this technology to increase the price of its headphones. The good news is that, just like wireless charging, it may give you the choice of whether to buy it or not. But they will be more expensive, that’s for sure.
  • Undoubtedly some AirPods with screen They will offer more functionality and will likely improve the user experience. Playback can be controlled from this panel, probably possible see the name of the artist, find out the cover of the song you are listening to and easily turn off features like noise cancellation. And all this without having to take out and unlock your smartphone.
  • Returning to the disadvantages, it is easy to think that these AirPods with a screen will be heavier and that your frame will likely increase in size. The diagonal of the proposed panel is unknown, but to offer a decent experience, it must be large enough to display information and be able to interact with fingers.
  • We are also thinking about a possible fall. Integration of this component makes everything more fragile and more likely to get hurt when it falls. Right now, you shouldn’t worry too much about the durability or fragility of the case, but with the advent of the screen, that all changes.

That is, Apple is integrating an interesting new product to improve the quality of its AirPods, but with several key shortcomings and the undeniable idea that Almost everything the screen offers can now be done from your iPhone or even using touch controls on the headphones themselves..

On AliExpress you can find copies of AirPods with a screen.

Finally, point out that Apple only filed a patent application, nothing more. There is no indication that they are under development. or something similar. And this will not be the first – and will not be the last – time when a patent of this type will lead to nothing and serves only for legal protection in the future.

Source: Hiper Textual

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