How to install iPadOS 18 beta on your iPad?

We walk you through the process of downloading, installing and running iPadOS 18 on your iPad

Apple announced iPadOS 18 with artificial intelligence and gave great news

Apple’s WWDC24 live broadcast left us with many surprises. Many new AI features, major design improvements in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, the first major update to the Apple Vision Pro operating system, and many more details. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, but first things first…

Now that iPadOS 18 is available, we will explain it in detail. How to download and install iPadOS 18 beta on your iPad? As long as it is one of the iPad models compatible with iPadOS 18. Shall we begin?

How to install iPadOS 18 beta

As most of you know, Apple has changed the procedure for installing beta software updates on your iPhone and iPad. Now it’s easier than ever! To install iPadOS 18, all you have to do is navigate the Settings menus and update your iPad.

Of course, remember that this is a beta update. So, it’s not the final version and it still needs a lot of stability improvements. Therefore, if you install this beta version of iPadOS 18, it is very likely that you will encounter errors and incompatibility issues. Especially in applications that require adaptation to the iPadOS 18 infrastructure.

Therefore, we recommend that you install the iPadOS 18 beta at your own risk. On the other hand, its installation will mean that you can: Try all new software update features before anyone else. So you decide. However, follow the steps below to install iPadOS 18 beta on your iPad.

  • First, make sure you have an iPad model compatible with iPadOS 18.
  • Then backup your iPad from: Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Back up to iCloud > Back up now.
  • Enter now from your iPad Settings > General > Software update.
  • click Beta updates and choose iPadOS 18 public beta.
  • When you return, you can now install the new software update on your iPad.

“As a member of Apple’s beta software program, you will have the opportunity to list your devices for access to public betas and try the latest features.”

We recommend waiting a few hours before starting to download the software update. It’s possible that Apple’s servers were down in the early hours of launch and iPadOS 18 would be very slow to download.

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Source: i Padizate

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