macOS 15, a new version of the operating system for Mac, is now official. The company announced during WWDC 2024 software news coming to most of its hardware in the coming months, including new AI features, Siri improvements, and more.

macOS 15 will, of course, come with a new name. The company from Cupertino gave the name to this version macOS Sequoia, with reference to a tree family and possibly a reference to AI; Well, in the new version the word ends with these two letters.

One of the most interesting new products macOS Sequoia It is possible to send the iPhone screen to the Mac desktop; function named as iPhone Mirroring. In particular, users will be able to view any iPhone application from the Mac screen and even control it using a mouse and keyboard. This entire process takes place while the iPhone is locked. You can even use the mode Support on your iPhone when screen sharing is enabled on your Mac.

New password manager and Safari improvements in macOS Sequoia

In addition to macOS Sequoia, Apple also announced Passwordsa new app that lets you securely store passwords for accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and more with features like password sharing.

Safari It also improves with macOS Sequoia. Apple claims it’s the fastest browser in this new update. It also has new features such as a Featured section that allows you to extract important information from a web page, such as a phone number or address. Also write a resume, etc.

macOS 15

On the other hand, Apple also Improved video calls in macOS 15 adding the ability to change and customize their background, even if the user is already inside one of them. New gradient backgrounds are also included, as well as the ability to use photos, such as landscapes, as backgrounds for video calls. This new product is available for both FaceTime and third-party platforms such as Zoom or Webex.

Of course, macOS 15 also gets some of the new features announced in iOS 18, such as improvements to Messages, including the ability to create new text effects, and more.

AI is coming to Mac

macOS 15

macOS 15 Sequoia also includes new AI-powered features; or whatever the company calls it Apple intelligence. For example, it will be possible to activate writing tool to help compose emails or change the tone of the text to be more friendly, professional, or concise. It also includes a grammar tool to detect spelling errors, writing problems, typos, and more.

Siri on Mac is also getting better thanks to artificial intelligence. According to Apple, it’s now more natural, relevant and personal. This allows users to have a more “human” conversation with the company assistant. It is even able to detect the error and generate a corrected request.

Siri also understands queries related to previous questions. On the other hand, you can also write Siri to perform an action, such as setting an alarm.

macOS public beta will be available next month

Apple has confirmed that the developer beta of macOS Sequoia is now available for download. The company will launch a public beta next month so anyone can try out the new version. macOS 15 will officially release this fall.

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