5 iPhone tricks you really didn’t know

These are 5 iPhone tricks I didn’t know about until a few days ago

5 iPhone tricks you really didn't know
5 tricks you didn’t know for iPhone

There are many interesting tricks for iPhone but I assure you you don’t know these thingsBut I must admit that I didn’t know them either until recently. This series of tricks can come in handy in different situations and is perfect for both advanced users and first-time iPhone buyers.

really? 5 Cool iPhone Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before. Tips we can use at many different times of the day.

Record videos with filters on iPhone

The iPhone camera has its own filters for taking artistic and distinctive photos, but these filters cannot be applied to record video, at least not directly. There is A little trick to record videos with filters on iPhone which I’m sure you didn’t know.

The problem with filters is that When you apply the filter and go to the Video section of the iPhone camera, the filters disappear. But thanks to this trick this does not happen:

  1. Enter iPhone Camera and swipe up.
  2. Swipe left and tap filters.
  3. Apply the filter you want to use on your recording.
  4. Slide the capture button to the right.
  5. Once the filter is applied, video recording will begin.

Record iPhone screen without red dot

We can quickly enable screen recording from the iPhone Control Center and we will see a red dot in the upper area, indicating that it is recording. But if you want to A slightly more professional looking video, the recording looks better without this red dot. To do this, your iPhone must be connected to a Mac via cable.

Open the app after connecting iPhone to Mac Tap QuickTime Player and tap File > New Video Recording. being played select your iPhone in the arrow and display section that appears next to the red button. Click the red button and it will start recording your iPhone screen.

iPhone Screenshot

You can record iPhone screen from Mac in a more professional way

As a matter of curiosity, in the upper area that the iPhone shows us full battery, Wi-Fi icon and full coverageEven though it’s not a real thing. Moreover Showing 09:41the time that always appears in all Apple device commercials and coincides with the moment when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone.

Set a quick alarm

If you want to set a quick alarm, you can ask Siri, add it from the Clock app, or use this trick that almost no one knows about. If you swipe down on the home screen and You search for “alarm” in the Spotlight search engineAn icon will appear where you can quickly set an alarm or quickly activate it if you have an old alarm.

iPhone Screenshots

You can add alarms very quickly

Quick response in iMessage

Reactions in the Messages app are one of the best iMessage tricks. Normally to react we need to press and hold the message and select reaction, but If you double-tap the message, you can react too. And double-tapping is faster than pressing and holding.

Optimize the size of PDF

The Files app not only lets you compress a file, but there is also an option to optimize the size of a PDF, which can be very useful, especially with long and heavy PDFs. Simply go to Files and By pressing and holding the PDF file A set of options will appear, we tap on it Fast Transactions and Optimizing File Size.

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