Today Huawei, Multinational leader in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and smart devices infrastructure, has introduced new colors in its last three launches: HUnited Arab Emirates WATCH GT 4, HUnited Arab Emirates FreeClip and HUnited Arab Emirates Group 9The new models, combined with modern aesthetic proposals, should win the brand many fans.S functionalityMarine technology already known products.

The devices will bring even more lightness and style to those who enjoy using them wearable devicesThey are wearable technologies that accompany the user in their daily activities. Below, check out more details about the news that came to Brazil in July.


(Source: Huawei / Statement)

HE Huawei Watch GT 4 This is a great watch he hasYou more advanced features smart watches, while at the same time offering the elegance of a classic watch, it combines aesthetics with usability in a highly original way. In the new color of the series, in a green tone sheetHE smart watch It gets a spring and flower look from Huawei.

The watch continues to offer all the features it is already known for: the ability to track various types of sports and comprehensive health functions, as well as a long battery life that can last up to 1000 meters. two We have weeks to finish.

Made of fluoroelastomer with a leaf-like texture. Also, smart watch It has a special dial inspired by delicate waves and the Blooming Dial option, which combines digital health with floral elegance. Finally, it is worth remembering that it is compatible with iOS and Android, making it ideal for everyone.people?

HUAWEI FreeClip – Beige

(Source: Huawei / Replica)

Already Huawei Free Clip The brand’s famous headphones attract attention with their innovative and elegant shape, piercingThe device stands out with its lightness (only 5 grams per earphone) and the sound quality it provides.

The new model, in beige, draws its inspiration from the tranquil dunes and cream-colored beaches of the Mediterranean, and promises to bring more style to those who enjoy using these headphones. beautify Appearance.

The phone is a favorite of many people because of its features This thiscamLike the ergonomic and flexible design that fits the ear well and does not cause discomfort. The battery life is also different, with 8 hours of audio playback on a full charge and 36 hours of audio playback on a full charge., when used with the charging case.

HUAWEI Band 9 – Yellow, White and Blue

Finally, the brand’s third launch is already quite well known. HUnited Arab Emirates Group 9, bracelet that monitors various health functions. Now coming to the Brazilian market in new vibrant colors: lemon yellow, elegant white and trendy blue. The new palette proposes to bring liveliness and reflect fashion trends..

Huawei bracelets made of fluoroelastomer focus on comfort and durability. Its double-buckle design provides comfortable use all day long. There are also fabric options nylon Breathable and antibacterial with a perfect fit to the wrist.


  • A HUAWEI Band 9 Available in Brazil since May 8, 2024 with a suggested price of R$399.00. Amazon This Free marketofficial sellers of the product.
  • HE HUAWEI Free Clip Available in Brazil since March 4, 2024 with a suggested price starting at R$ 1,299.00. Amazon This Free marketOfficial sellers of the producttwo.
  • HE HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 Available in Brazil since October 3, 2023 with a suggested price starting at R$1,199.00. Free market This AmazonOfficial sellers of the producttwo.
  • To be informed about everything about the brand, Huawei official page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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