The analyst reported that the new Siri with artificial intelligence should be launched in almost a year alone. BloombergMark Gurman. In the latest issue of our newsletter OpenThe analyst notes that Updated virtual assistant to be released in northern hemisphere spring.

You AI Siri tests to begin in January Gurman found that he first moved with developers. The public release of the assistant will take place between March and June of next year.

The new Siri of Apple Intelligence should be part of iOS 18.4, one of the complementary updates of the operating system. According to the analyst, the assembly would already be in development.

The AI-powered Siri is expected to launch in the northern hemisphere this spring.

HE The new virtual assistant will be much more powerful than the current versionnot only understands more complex commands, but can also interact with Apple apps using voice commands. It should be able to interpret content displayed on the screen, edit photos according to prompts, and send messages to specific contacts.

As previously speculated, more basic Siri functionality, such as integration with ChatGPT and a new interface, is expected to arrive later this year. In the latest issue of the newsletter, Gurman makes no mention of the planned launch of additional features, such as support for typed commands.

Apple Intelligence Vision Pro coming later

In the latest article, Gurman reinforces that Apple Vision Pro will also feature Apple Intelligence functionsbut they will only come next year.

But Apple Intelligence isn’t expected to arrive for Apple smart home devices. The AI ​​suite should only be unlocked in the “tabletop robot,” a type of smart display that Spade has been developing for months.

It is currently in testing with the first version of iOS 18. The system is only available for download to developers, but it does not have most of the functionality promised at WWDC.

Source: Tec Mundo

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