Not so long ago, Google’s Wear OS smartwatches didn’t have much of an impact on the market. But this has radically changed. The new version of the operating system and support from more manufacturers (including Samsung) have revitalized the disc market. Well, the company TicWatch He will bet a lot to be a reference.

So much so, that a very important thing has been confirmed for the next generation of TicWatch smartwatches: it will be one of the first two manufacturers to launch a smartwatch that will use the world’s most powerful processor, together with OPPO. Qualcomm It is designed for wearable accessories. And that will be something different because of the huge benefits it provides in all the departments that matter in smartwatches.

The best processor for the new TicWatch

This has been confirmed by the company itself and is a statement of intent to not be something to send to companies like Apple or Samsung. The truth is that the new model, which everything shows that it will be part of the TicWatch Pro series, will feature the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 processor, meaning it has the highest performance available for smartwatches.

In addition, the use of this component will allow a significant increase in autonomy, because the power requirements of this SoC are 30% lower compared to previous generations. If you add that it uses four cores and does not have any temperature problems, it is obvious that the new smart watch of the company we mentioned will be the best watch to buy (we are always talking about those who use it). operating system (Wear OS).

TicWatch professional watch in use


When will the new smartwatch be official?

This is neither the likely price of the wearable nor has been confirmed at this time, but considering what has been announced and the novelty of its use, it will always try to be among the first to go on sale. Qualcomm processor hints, picture of TicWatch team which is normal just a few weeks. What is certain is that the materials used will be top-notch, so the use of titanium – or steel – instead of the usual aluminum is not overlooked either.

Of course, it is currently unknown which version it is. google operating system will use it, but the only thing that makes sense for everything to be perfect is for it to be like that. minimum 3.5 This is what is expected in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and will be one of its biggest competitors in the market.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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