How to use the Ring camera to keep an eye on your dog when you leave the house

One of the best wireless cameras in existence are those that the manufacturer has released. Ring (which goes hand in hand with Amazon). If you’re one of the owners and want to use it to control what your dog does when you have to leave the house, we’ll tell you the steps you need to take to achieve this and take advantage of all the good things these accessories have to offer. offer.

One of the keys that the cameras we’re talking about have is that they contain links. wireless Internet, which gives them access from anywhere, thanks to the internet. In addition, they combine perfectly. application It’s called Ring – available for iOS and Android – and is a free download. With this, you can take advantage of all the options your model has to offer, from seeing images in real time to listening to what’s going on or talking to the dog (since these are often speaker). Come on, they have everything you need, including Alexa compatibility.

What you need to do with the ring camera

After installing the accessory and syncing it with the app (everything is very simple because even QR codes are included so you don’t have to look for anything like detecting the camera on the smartphone). You must open the application and in the upper area you will find three icons that allow you to adjust the operation of the device. Select Outside to enable it to work, because this way its functionality will be complete and it will even detect if the dog has moved to its location.

Options offered by the device

view live view: this is very important and by simply clicking on the box below the name of the camera you put in you will have the opportunity to see what is happening in real time. By the way, if you set it up, you can save clips to save what you care about (and delete what you don’t need).

Ring Camera Usage Options

Smart Life

talk to the dog: This is possible when you enter to watch live video. In the lower left – when the terminal is in landscape – you will see two green and red icons (similar to those in the phone app). Click on the first one to activate the speaker and you will definitely see its automatic response on the pet. By the way, there is a round icon in the form of a speaker. If enabled, this lets you hear what’s going on, as if your four-legged friend is crying.

Live video with ring camera

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Get a notification if the pet moves: This is done by the slider inside the camera options (the selected one, which you access by entering the section called Device and clicking on the picture of the product you have). Here you will see an option called Motion Notifications that you need to turn on. There are more interesting possibilities – it’s called the linked Chime – to review the recording history or configure automatic actions when motion is detected.

Motion notifications on Ring camera

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As you can see, there is many possibilities Ring cams will be a means of control for the dog you have when left alone at home. You will also surely find more options useful for keeping your pet in the best possible way at home at all times.

Combination with Alexa

As we mentioned, this is a device compatible with the Amazon voice assistant – you need to install the corresponding skill with the Alexa app – for this. There are some commands that are perfect for this dog lovers and we recommend experimenting with products like smart displays or Echo speakers. These are as follows:

  • Alexa, what’s your favorite dog?
  • Alexa, tell me a curiosity about dogs
  • Alexa, tell me the Puppy Love story
  • Alexa, what is the best breed of dog?
  • Alexa, make dog noises

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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