The ambient temperature is much higher in the summer, which can negatively affect computers. macbook from Apple. If you don’t want that to happen, we’re going to show you some pretty effective tips to avoid the laptop being affected by the heat wave.

By the way, all the options that we will recommend are quite simple to perform. Also, it has no effect on it. yield You can continue to use it as usual. Also, and this is important, by not suffering high temperaturesThe stability of the computer is significantly increased.

Tips for keeping your MacBook warm

these are the options simple To optimize the use of equipment when the weather is very hot, you can:

laptop docking

Putting the computer on your lap in the summer is not the best possible option. Ideally, find a flat surface for the integrated ventilation system to do its job as efficiently as possible. Thus, for example, the air outlets will not be blocked by soft elements such as pillows. Therefore, choosing where to place your equipment is very important.

No cases in the team

Many are the ones who own one of these accessories as protection or even to give the MacBook a special touch. But in the summer they cause more trouble than anything else. Every corner of the device’s aluminum casing is designed to dissipate heat – among other things. Therefore, if the caps can have problems in the summer. As a result, it’s best not to put any of these products in until the high temperatures have passed to avoid problems.

Girl using Apple MacBook


Avoid harsh software usage on core clocks

If you are able to organize your work, it is really effective. Processing that requires heavy use of the CPU results in taking the MacBook to extreme operating temperatures (we’re talking about those that consume 80% of the aforementioned component). So, if you can’t use it until the heat drops, that’s fine—or even feel free to turn it off if things get bad.

Ventilated Stands

These accessories are the perfect companions for the computer in the summer, as they produce an additional airflow that is very helpful to avoid reaching high temperatures. There are different types, but the ones you need to look for are those that fit the screen size of the computer and are much better if they have two fans. This is the best way to avoid problems without having to stop using your MacBook.

Covered MacBook laptop


Internal fans always at maximum

This is an interesting option that can avoid heat problems. There are apps that allow you to manually control the operation of MacBook fans (an example in this link). This way you can set them to always run at maximum so that the distribution is always at the highest possible level. Obviously, you will not be able to use this possibility on Air models that do not have this type of component.

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