Apple plans to completely redesign its first iPad. This seems to point to the latest leak posted 9to5Macand originally reported MySmartPrice. In the images, we see what the new tenth generation base iPad looks like. will adopt the Cupertino company’s current design languageand say goodbye to your favorite 3.5mm jack.

So far, the cheaper iPad has been the last bastion of Apple’s old aesthetic offering. For this reason, it has retained the design characteristic of the generation of the last decade. In addition, it was the only one of the most modern lines that retained the 3.5 mm jack. However, new images show that those taken by Tim Cook they would decide to change the rounded edges to flat ones; as well as eliminating the Jack port and making better use of the narrower-framed front end.

Of course, don’t expect the latest generation front. The renders indicate that Apple will keep the home button on the latest iPad, so you can’t reduce frames too much either. We don’t really understand the reason the company would want to keep this detail, and it’s because Touch ID has already been included in the side buttons on models like the iPad Air.

Renders published MySmartPrice

As for the rear, it seems that we will find new camera module inspired by iPhone XS. The renders show an elongated and rounded figure at the ends. Something that could indicate a sensor upgrade for this new device.

On the other hand, the charging port remains a mystery. If you pay attention to the images, you will see that this area has been censored. That is why at the moment we don’t know if Apple has finally decided to adopt USB-Cor whether Lightning will persist along with the Home button and large frames.

A New iPad Adapted to a New Era

Renders published MySmartPrice

For generations, Apple has standardized the new design. So we don’t just have iPhones and iPads with flat edges and wide screens. same line has been applied to the latest Mac computersincluding MacBook Air/Pro and iMac.

The above also means that users will have to say goodbye to the 3.5mm jack. This port began to disappear with the launch of the iPhone 7, and since then, Apple has not been very merciful when it comes to eliminating it. However, the base iPad model is most popular in classrooms and other situations where an extra port is absolutely necessary. so we don’t expect this to pass without controversy.

Luckily, previous rumors have indicated that this iPad will have a USB-C port, so you can always opt for a 3.5mm adapter. Among other features, thise expects device to arrive with A14 chipscreen size over 10.2 inches and 5G.

Take this information with a grain of salt.

One of the most striking problems with this render is that iPad has four speakers. So far, the only model to have this feature has been the iPad Pro, while the rest of the line has always come with slightly less sound and fewer speakers.

This last detail is troubling, and if it’s an oversight in the render, it could indicate we’re dealing with a hoax. In this way, don’t forget to take all rumors with a grain of salt. Please note that this is not official information, so the final product may vary greatly.

Source: Hiper Textual

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