The Pixel 6a, Google’s mid-range smartphone, has inherited some of the most important features from its bigger brothers. Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, such as the Tensor processor or software-level improvements that stand out so much in the firm’s terminals. Unfortunately, the screen refresh rate is not one of them. The panel of the cheapest model, in particular, runs at 60 Hz, instead of at least 90 Hz on the Pixel 6. Although someone found a way to change this refresh rate and achieve the long-awaited 90Hz.

As reported edgeuser with nickname Lunarix achieved on Twitter create Maud was able to unlock 90Hz refresh rate on Google Pixel 6a. Please note that the software does not include any options for this. Maud, as the editors of the aforementioned medium were able to verify, works correctly. However, the activation process is somewhat tedious, especially for inexperienced users.

In particular, you need to activate the recovery mode on the device and manually flash the beta version of Android 13. After that, flash the image vendor_boot changed to access system settings and enable 90Hz refresh rate on Pixel 6a. it is a process that much easier with ROM which he seems to be working on user, and that it may be available soon.

So why doesn’t the Google Pixel 6a have a 90Hz display?

It is not clear why the Google Pixel 6a can run at 90Hz with Maudand not officially. One hypothesis is that the company you have disabled this option through the software. Likely to keep refresh rates above 60Hz as an exclusive feature of the high-end models, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. that the Pixel 6a’s display just doesn’t support that higher frequency.. However, according to edgemany users have found that the panel of Samsung’s cheapest model is almost identical to that of the Pixel 6, which hits 90Hz.

On the other hand, it is also likely that 90 Hz Google Pixel 6a achieved thanks to overclocking. However, this modification may affect the life of the terminal and cause internal problems or malfunctions. In any case, neither Google nor Samsung, which make panels for Mountain View’s terminals, have made any such claims.

Source: Hiper Textual

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