After WhatsApp focused on privacy options with breaking news, now it looks like they are preparing new options for chats. In fact, one of the features coming soon is the ability to check which participants have previously participated in a group conversation.

WhatsApp has a new feature focused on unread chats. Some users are already testing a new filter to only show unread chats, even if their messages are old.

As the name suggests, Filter by unread, WhatsApp will offer the option to only show chats you haven’t read. Or, in other words, hide from the list of conversations those that have been viewed so that only unread ones are available to us, even if they are old.

What’s new in WhatsApp was already in the desktop version

It’s basically a feature that comes straight from the desktop version that, via the WhatsApp button, starts showing only unread chats, hiding the list of recent ones that have been opened. Also, also supports unread manualthat is, those messages that we can mark for reading later by sliding the corresponding chat.

On iOS, WhatsApp has already started rolling out the beloved unread chat filter to the stable channel. It is very likely that soon a new button will appear in your chat list to show only unread and hide the rest.

As seen in the previous capture, from the hand XDA Developersthe filter button will appear next to the chat search barjust like the desktop version.

After activating the filter, all read conversations will disappear from the list. Very useful for users who receive a lot of messages every day and don’t reply right away.

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Source: Hiper Textual

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