Apple has released a new version of Boot Camp, but only for Intel-based Macs

Although it only works on Intel-based Macs, Apple has released a new version of Boot Camp with improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

By Francisco Fernandez on Mac

For years macOS has had the Boot Camp tool that allows you to install Windows on any compatible Mac computer. Apple stopped working with the advent of Silicon chips and ARM architecture, but Users with a Mac with an Intel processor still have the ability to install it. Microsoft operating system on their computers.

Although there has been no progress in making Boot Camp compatible with Mac computers containing one of the M1 chips or the new M2 chip, Apple recently released a new Boot Camp update for make the operating system compatible with the WPA3 standard for Wi-Fi and improve the computer’s Bluetooth connection.

Boot Camp Updates on Windows Although Apple Does Not Support Silicon Processors

As we mentioned, however Incompatibility with Apple Silicon processorsThose from Cupertino took the opportunity to launch a new version of the Boot Camp software that made it possible to install Windows on older Mac computers with Intel processors. Boot Camp 6.1.16 is now available for all users with Windows through this tool.

Apple Boot Camp

Thanks to Boot Camp, it is possible to use Windows on a Mac, but only on those with Intel processors.

The said update Compatibility with the WPA3 standard used by more and more Wi-Fi networks to encrypt network passwords and keep information encrypted, thanks to the corresponding update of the driver used to be able to use the service in question.

They also appear to have been introduced. Improvements and bug fixes in Bluetooth connectionsthis caused problems in some cases when the Mac went to sleep.

The update in question will be version 6.1.16, but Boot Camp 6.1.17 was released some time ago only for those with a Studio Display monitor. If you have a Mac with an Intel processor and Windows is installed on a volume via Boot Camp, from Windows itself you can: install the update using the tool AppleSoftware Updatealready installed you should be able to find in your team.

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