While it’s an amazing terminal both in terms of specs and price, one of the most common complaints about the iPhone SE 2022 was that it’s still stuck with the old iPhone 6/7/8 design. And while it’s an interesting way to keep the price down and keep the alternative to buttons housethe truth is its design and some of its features are completely outdated.

However, it seems that the next generation of low-cost iPhones will be completely different and will inherit the characteristics of one of the best-selling and famous models in recent history: iphone xr.

At least that’s what Prosser says. acquaintance a leakin a podcast prepared along with Andru Edwards and John Rettinger noted that the next-generation cheap iPhone, also known as the iPhone SE 4, it would actually be “iPhone XR”.

This change will mark Apple’s final goodbye to non-Face ID terminals and old design edges that have gradually disappeared from the range.

The next iPhone SE will actually be an iPhone XR

The rest of the details about the new iPhone SE remain unclear. In previous generations, Apple put its latest chip in the cheapest iPhone: the same A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13. because some iPhone 14 models will keep the A15 chip.it is likely that the chip from the previous generation will remain in the iPhone SE.

The design change, on the other hand, is a logical step since the iPhone XR is fully cushioned. In addition, the following 14 Pro they will leave a notch retain two perforations in the screen to accommodate sensors to maintain visual differentiation compared to more expensive models.

When will we see the next cheap iPhone? It remains unknown. It’s only logical to think that since this mobile terminal was released this year, we’ll have to wait at least two years to see a full revamp if the cycle ends. The previous one was 2020, then 2022, so it could be expected at some point in 2024. Be that as it may, it’s time for Apple to abandon the thick frames and buttons. house once and forever.

Source: Hiper Textual

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