If you’re a follower of everything Apple launches, you’ve definitely marked well on the calendar that the company has an important event next September 7th. In this context, in addition to the iPhone 14, new generation smart watches will be introduced. Apple WatchPro. There is something known about it that you might not like very much.

This new wearable will be a resilient evolution of previous years’ models and will therefore offer unique features that will make it stand out and very attractive for lovers of physical activity and extreme sports. Thus it is believed that this new terminal will have a body. new titanium alloy it will be very durable and protect the glass The 1.99-inch screen of the device will be sapphire. And all this will not be a problem when added to the usual options like water.

The aforementioned panel shows some of the Apple Watch Pro’s larger dimensions than previous smartwatches of your company. And this can be a problem for many. And not because of how big the equipment can be on the wrist, but because of a detail about accessories often used in smartwatches.

What’s wrong with Apple Watch Pro?

Well, if everything we’ve commented on, there’s a published report, which makes it very clear. straps The models they have and are compatible with all previous Apple Watches will not be available in the new durable model that the company will introduce next week. Therefore, if you have a brand made of leather or a prestigious brand, the investment made with the smart watch we mentioned will not be worth it. will be no less than 47 millimeters in your box.

Apple Watch loose cases


This will require the selected bands to be wider so that the design of the device is not broken (maybe old belts can be installed, but they won’t be perfect). This is, yes, a part of Apple itself. new collection of this accessory for the professional model. And of course, there will be options that range from essential elegance to being the perfect complement to going out and playing sports in any condition. Manufacturers of the rest of these accessories will of course have to do the same.

Some known details about the new watch

Aesthetically, it will resemble the traditional Apple Watch, but with some features. much flatter sides so they do not pose a problem when doing any sports training. It will also have a larger battery, taking advantage of the larger space it will have inside. And yes, one of the innovations in the next generation of Apple wearables will not be missing: a sensor that will allow users to know their body temperature. Of course, we will leave doubts next week.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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