Frankly, the most important thing Apple unveiled at its event today is the iPhone 14. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing seen in it. Thus the Cupertino company Renewed its smartwatch range and, in addition, surprised with the arrival of a new member: the version called Ultra.

With the idea of ​​maintaining its first place in the smartphone market, which has become increasingly complex since Wear OS has gained strength, the new model is launched this year to increase the pressure and, as it is not with proper evolution Of the Apple Watch we know so far, and the truth is, you can see it being seen.

Renewal of the Apple Watch as we know it

The new Apple Watch Series 8 includes some interesting new features like the function that lets you measure the time. body temperaturel, this is an excellent indicator of being able to experience health problems. And this is certainly very useful for many users to know exactly when to go to the doctor. Also, the screen is used a little better, and the design practically does not change anything.

along with improvements in the operating system to offer optimized functions in the Health (especially feminineIt should be noted that there are certain changes on the flatter sides, which has great weight and excellent handling, advancing) and the recognition of physical activity, what it has to do with the design.

New Apple Watch Series 8


Autonomy is also improved, now 18 hours and with the new Low Power Mode up to 36 o’clock And one very important thing is the option added with two new sensors that integrate the equipment (a three-axis accelerometer and a gravity), which allows collisions to happen. detected, including in cars.

Prices for this new generation from $399 GPS model and model with 499 GPS. It can be booked and purchased from today, September 16.

Most strikingly, the Apple Watch Ultra is coming

This is the most relevant thing Apple showed at the event in terms of smartwatches. Wearable will be bigger, 49 millimeters and its resistance-oriented design makes it a differential. This is because, among other things, titanium and sapphire are used in construction.

It can be said that it is a device. reinforced because it withstands drops and bumps (and anything water-related, of course) impressively. In other words, it is a model for the most demanding as it is WR100 certified to withstand crucial dives and the GPS is dual-band to increase accuracy.

New Apple Watch Ultra


Connectivity is better than its younger siblings (without missing out on all the functions they’ve had for generations) with a quick access button to new functions that will allow access to frequently used functions. siren high power for use in emergencies and the creation of key points on routes compass.

with an autonomy 36 hours Ability to go up to 60 with a single charge and Economy Mode, crown Includes additional features such as adjust the brightness from the screen. An extremely sporty model that has come to compete with those of Garmin or Polar.

The price of this new Apple Watch Ultra $799 With availability for reservation from today and sale on September 23.

Updated on Watch SEn

This model will be the company’s entry model. $249 It has a 30% larger screen and 20% stronger. Sale from September 16.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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