At the developer event held by Google a few days ago, this company stated that it aims to significantly improve the options of its applications. wear operating system. And an advance was just known. youtube music smart watches with this operating system can enable you to start using Spotify instead. SAMSUNG.

An improvement has been made to the app that we talked about recently, as the user interface has been changed for a Tile that is much easier to handle and identify on the screen of smartwatches with Wear OS. The truth is, the progress that Google itself communicates is very important, because Use the service regardless of phone usage And that’s a clear goal that Mountain View has for all devices running the operating system, including the recently announced Pixel Watch.

What improvement are we talking about in YouTube Music?

Once the relevant update is received, the content can be consumed directly on a smartwatch with Google operating system, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, without the need for a prior download or similar action. And how will this be achieved? Well, because the possibility of doing direct streaming over both WiFi and LTE connection. A very important progress.

Samsung smartwatch with Wear OS


The benefit of this is indisputable because some wireless headphones With this smart watch, you can enjoy your favorite music while walking or doing sports. In addition, with the new interface, you will find a specific track, just like accessing the playlists you created on YouTube Music, it will be quite simple. Undoubtedly, this makes this app far superior to the others that exist for the wearables we mentioned.

the arrival of this update

As always with Google options, the distribution will be in stages. But according to the company itself, It shouldn’t take more than a week. so anyone with a Wear OS smartwatch gets it. So, if you have this type of device like the one found on Samsung or TicWatch, you will definitely find this news very striking and of course useful.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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