Be careful if you enable iOS 16’s keyboard vibration, it may consume more battery

You can use more battery on your iPhone by enabling the keyboard vibration that iOS 16 .

by Manuel Cámara on iPhone

iOS 16 has brought many changes to the iPhone and a level of customization for the lock screen that allows you to give it a very special touch. One of these changes was haptic keyboard vibration, which is nothing more than a small vibration when a key is pressed. Although it is one of the added functions that users love the most, the truth is, If you enable iOS 16’s keyboard vibration, you can use more battery..

When this function is enabled, iPhone emits a gentle vibration immediately after each keystroke, confirm that you pressed that key. While this new functionality is something that is already available in competing mobiles, the truth is that it has been very well captured by Apple users as it is one of the things iOS 16 adds and receives more positive reviews.

Activating iPhone keyboard vibration may consume more battery

Activating iPhone keyboard vibration may consume more battery

How to turn keyboard vibration on and off on your iPhone

However, Apple has published a document that warns – or rather announced – about this. enabling keyboard haptic vibration may result in increased battery consumption. In other words, if you enable keyboard vibration, your phone will download faster. If you haven’t enabled this feature yet and want to give it a try, here’s how to enable the haptic vibration of the iPhone keyboard with iOS 16.

But don’t worry, although this type of addition reflects more battery usage, the truth is the impact on battery life should be minimal. If you’ve noticed a noticeable change in your iPhone’s battery life after trying this new feature, we recommend disabling haptic vibration:

  • enter inside Adjustment.
  • click sounds and vibration.
  • click keyboard vibration.
  • deactivate Vibration.

new function haptic vibration is only available on iPhone 8 and later running iOS 16. While the downside is that the vibration of the keyboard consumes more battery, it’s important that Apple is already aware of what’s going on. Therefore, it is very likely that the issue will be resolved in future updates of iOS 16.

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