Having quality headphones that allow you to enjoy both games and video calls with family or colleagues is what everyone is looking for. Fortunately, you no longer have to pay an exorbitant amount to get it right now, and one example is the new headband headphones the company has announced. Creative. We show you what they have to offer.

The model in question is the Creative Sound Blaster Blaze V2, an evolution of an earlier model that already offered good quality, and has now been interestingly enhanced to become the perfect prospect in relation to it. price quality. One of the things to know about this multi-purpose device is that it uses a connection. cable. Therefore, they definitely gain what they lost in freedom.

There is also another must-have detail in this accessory: they are particularly comfortable. This is because, on the one hand, they have foam and velor padding that ensures almost no pressure on the ear during use, and also in terms of weight, 187 grams. So they’re under two hundred, which is usually the limit so you don’t get tired when cases stay for a long time. As for the color, what exists for now blackSo we’re talking about a one-size-fits-all ending.

A sound that will convince you in this Creative

This is achieved for different reasons, but the two main reasons are that the driver 40 millimetersprevents distortion when using a very high volume level. Additionally, the sensitivity of this Sound Blaster Blaze V2 105dB/mW. Added to this, with a frequency ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz, the sensitivity to use these headphones with all kinds of content and devices (such as computers and video game consoles) is quite good.

Creative Sound Blaster Blaze V2 Black


Another thing appreciated about this product is that a remote control on your wire. This combines usage options like volume control so you don’t have that quick access. So you won’t miss any of the video calls or games you join. Meanwhile, this includes a microphone, the accessory we’re talking about. This can be removed and muted from the aforementioned item.

Price and availability of these headphones

As of today, you can have this product, which can meet all kinds of needs and be the best companion when using a computer or console. What does it have to do with the price, it is included in it. €44,99adequate content considering all it has to offer and reviewing the options on the market.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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