Yesterday, September 21, was the birthday of Stephen Kingand for the occasion, fans of the king of horror wanted to celebrate this day when the Maine author turned 75, congratulate and thank him for all the great novels written.

Below we can find some tweets from Stephen King fans who have brought his hashtag into the trend.

Stephen King made his literary debut with Carrie, a novel published in 1974. Later, thanks to the publication of The Nights of Salem and The Shining, he became a cult author, also celebrated with many cinematic adaptations of his novels. Among his IT works we also mention Misery and Cujo.

Stephen King’s latest book is Fairy Tale, which has already been turned into a film. The author recently stated that he has concluded his experience with Pennywise. Here are his words:

I am not currently in a relationship with Pennywise. And that’s because I’m not going to work with IT anymore. Now everything is in the hands of other people involved, there are Andy and Barbara Muschietti working on Welcome to Derry where they will explore this topic at its best. And they also have a close deal with HBO Max.

Source: Lega Nerd

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