It took Apple two years to update one of the most interesting watches in its catalog: Apple Watch SE. As a reminder, this “special edition” arrived in 2020 as a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch Series 6, keeping the exact same look and feel but missing some key features. Among them, an always-on screen, an electrocardiogram or a blood oxygen sensor.

Since then this model This has become the most important option for most users.. And the goal of the company from Cupertino is to remain so in the future. To do this, however, it is necessary to update some areas that, after such a long time, may have become somewhat outdated, and this is where the second generation Apple Watch SE.

Interestingly, before Apple announced this model, and as a result of possible rumors of its launch at the traditional September event, I began to reflect and project all the improvements that I thought should come about its predecessor. I thought in particular about three possible innovations.

  • New design: with smaller bezels like the Apple Watch Series 8.
  • Enabling always-on display: the feature has been present since the Apple Watch Series 5.
  • More powerful processor: put aside the two-year-old S5 chip.

Of these, only one came true: improved performance with new processor. This was, of course, the most obvious change. A way to not only make the watch go faster day by day, but also ensure better aging. Is this major improvement enough to continue being the most recommended option? Are there other changes that would make you choose this Apple Watch over another model?

What changed?

The main novelty of the Apple Watch SE, I repeat, is the new processor. Apple, in particular, has chosen s8 chip, same as Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. This allows the new Watch SE be 20% faster than the first generation model. Now do you notice the difference?

Compared to the S5 chip in my Apple Watch Series 5 – the same SoC as the 2022 Apple Watch SE – the performance is slightly better. Everything runs much smoother and responses are much faster.. I never noticed any contractions on my Series 5, but I did notice a slight delay when opening an app, for example, or even accessing some section of the system, such as the application menu. In this case, all actions are instantaneous.

Another of the most important changes to the Apple Watch SE is in the design.. And yes, it is exactly the same format as 2022. It is sold in the same sizes – you can choose between a 40 or 44 mm case – the body is made of the same material (aluminum), the screen diagonal remains intact, and the front bezels have not decreased by a single millimeter . So where are the changes?

Apple Watch SE 2022

The first of these are new colors. The Apple Watch SE is available in three finishes: Midnight, a kind of blue-black that I think is very pretty; Silver, Classic Apple Grey; and Blanco Estrella, a very slightly pink tone.

The second change we see on the back cover of the watch. The back cover is now made from recycled material. and with a process that reduces your carbon footprint by more than 80%.

This, of course, is good news, given Apple’s environmental plans. However, on an aesthetic level, the only thing the user will find is the matte finish on the back. Therefore, in addition to flowers, The 2022 Apple Watch SE is identical to the first generation.

Save your life in case of an accident

Apple, on the other hand, has also added some new features that weren’t on the Apple Watch SE. One of them is accident detection.

How? Thanks to new sensors and components: 3-axis gyroscope, high g-force accelerometer, microphone, barometer and GPS. Thanks to this, the watch can detect if the wearer has been injured and automatically activate the emergency mode.

In this case, a warning is displayed and allows you to quickly call emergency services. In fact, it even does this automatically after a few seconds if it doesn’t detect any interaction on the screen.

How is it different from the Apple Watch Series 8?

Apple Watch SE

The 2022 Apple Watch SE has some differences from the new Apple Watch Series 8. Let’s start with one of the most important ones: appearance. The economy version of the watch retains the same front as two years ago, with bezels that aren’t as small as the Series 8’s, and therefore the screen isn’t as big. The panel is, yes, just as bright, with 1,000 nits; more than enough to be able to view content even in broad daylight.

Speaking of the screen: Apple Watch SE second generation. does not have Always-On Display, a function that makes the sphere always visible. This is essentially what I missed with this version as it not only gives it a more interesting aesthetic but also allows you to easily see the time without having to move your wrist to get the screen to turn on.

The 2022 Watch SE is also missing some health-related features.. Unlike Series 8, we don’t have an ECG. No oxygen meter, no new temperature sensor. It supports, yes, a heart rate sensor and other interesting options. Among them is the ability to measure sleep and, of course, different training modes.

Apple Watch SE

On the other hand, the Apple Watch SE lacks some of the features and some of the additional sensors that we see in the Series 8. For example, the U1 chip to be able to pinpoint location with other Apple or third party devices. manufacturers who have the same component.

Yes, they have many common characteristics. Among them, as I already mentioned: the processor. They also have the same battery, which Apple claims lasts up to 18 hours. This, in my opinion, is the correct duration from day to day. In fact, with Watch SE I managed to arrive late at night with about 40% autonomy.. Enough to be able to measure sleep at night, but given that in order to continue with it during the day, I have to charge it as soon as I get up.

Will I buy an Apple Watch SE?

Apple Watch SE

The 2022 Apple Watch SE is part of €299 in the most compact version, while the LTE variant is available from 349 euros. In particular, they are 200 euros less compared to the Apple Watch Series 8. Is this product worth considering?

It is clear that the new Apple Watch SE is only a small upgrade from the first generation model. Small but, yes, necessary to remain the most recommended option for most users.

This model ideal for those looking for an Apple Watch for everyday use and not as focused on advanced health monitoring – that is, those that don’t need items like ECG, blood oxygen meter, etc. -.

This, however, does not mean that this watch has the ability to track exercises or some of the main health-related sensors. In this sense, the Apple Watch SE allows you to track your workouts, monitor your heart rate, evaluate how well or poorly you slept each night, and more. Namely: athletic and healthy vocation remains unchanged in this model. You just have fewer sensors.

The Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, has good battery life, a high-brightness screen, great performance, and a design that, while not as refined as the Series 8, leaves no one indifferent.

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful, powerful, and feature-packed sports or health watch, but you’re on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing a few options, this Apple Watch SE is for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re into health and fitness features and prefer a slightly more attractive design thanks to reduced bezels and an always-on screen, the Apple Watch Series 8 is your best bet.

Source: Hiper Textual

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