iPhone 14 Plus first impressions and reviews

The iPhone 14 Plus is coming this week and we already have the first evaluation and analysis of the device.

by Ángel Roca for iPhone

The iPhone 14 Plus is positioned as follows this year: A new option for big screen lovers. Apple is changing its strategy after weak sales of the mini models, and now we have an iPhone with a giant screen instead of a small model.

this iPhone 14 Plus is a few weeks behind its siblings, but October 7th has arrived and we’ve already had the first impressions and opinions of those who have been able to try it. An iPhone that can convince many people with its features, especially in terms of battery life.

iPhone 14 on a blue table

iPhone 14 Plus stands out with its battery, although it’s still a minor evolution

Exceptional battery life

“Best battery ever in an iPhone.” This is how Apple presented the iPhone 14 Plus, but when we saw it compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max later on, we saw that the battery differences were curious. iPhone 14 Pro Max lasted longer when playing video, audio playback iPhone 14 Plus reached 100 hours.

But since then Boundary Confirming Apple’s claim, iPhone 14 Plus can offer users several days of battery lifeUp to three days of battery life on a single charge in tests.

Apple’s claim of “best battery life in an iPhone” is no exaggeration. Typically, around two hours of screen time and a day of moderate use spent far from Wi-Fi only drained the battery by 25 percent in my experience. I even managed to get three days of use on a single charge. Allison Johnson

A very good screen with one major flaw

Reviews of the screen in terms of brightness, resolution or color reproduction are really positive. Of course, it shows that it is a high-quality display. Again refresh rate stays at 60 Hz is a flaw in a device that costs a lot of money. So at least they’re targeting us CNET. Something we have already mentioned in the analysis of the iPhone 14 Plus, the younger sibling of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 has a display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz

Whether you’re gaming or just browsing Twitter, a screen with a higher refresh rate will look more immersive. The 14 Plus’s screen is locked to 60Hz. I wish Apple had added a higher refresh rate display on the 14 Plus, even if it was a more modest 90Hz. And it’s strange that only Pro models get an adaptive refresh rate. patrick netherlands

ever-evolving cameras

cameras are mainly improved in low light conditionsin other words, we are faced with a small evolution compared to previous generations. In fact, some people recommend skipping the iPhone 11 only if cameras are important to you.

This comes down to better low-light performance, especially from the ultra-wide and selfie camera, although the hardware isn’t exactly new or special. You can read some more detailed analysis in my iPhone 14 review, but the short version is that it’s a very good camera system, but it would be a nice upgrade if you’re only coming from an iPhone 11 or earlier. Allison Johnson

iPhone 14 on a table

The iPhone 14 Plus is a completely new device in the Apple lineup.

Finally, you can also see some video reviews of those who have been able to thoroughly test the new iPhone 14 Plus:

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