Replacing the screen used on smartwatches is often one of the best ways to give them a new look without spending a lot of money (it’s usually free). If you have a device with the Google operating system, such as one of Google’s newest smartwatches SAMSUNGYou can get the watch faces included in it. Pixel Watch. We show you how to get it.

It is not possible to do this by default, but thanks to the work Mishaal Rahman has published in the form of APK (installer for Android), you will have no problem getting it easily and without risk. So it’s not a bad idea to test whether you like what Google has included in its first smartwatch. Of course, there is one condition you have to fulfill: Regardless of the smart watch brand you use, it has to use the operating system. Wear OS 3 or higher.

So you can use Pixel Watch screens on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The process has some steps that are important to perform correctly. definite and be careful otherwise what you get is a failure in the process (without risk), but this can be frustrating. What you need to do is as follows:

  • In order to use the ADB platform at this link, you need to download and install the Google tool on your computer. This allows you to perform more complex and advanced operations on Android than the usual ones.
  • Enable the option that allows the device to use ADB commands at the time you are using it: Go to its settings and then System. Now you have to tap the build number several times to enable Developer Options. Now access them and turn on ADB Debugging and Debugging over WiFi.
  • Once this is done, download the APK with the Pixel Watch screen. You can do this here.
  • Connect a Samsung smartwatch or another brand with Wear OS to the computer and wait for it to become available. Now you need to run ADB and type the following at the command prompt: adb -e app name install .apk.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then you are done.
Watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 5


From now on, with the development of Google, it will allow you to choose the screens from the APK that belong to the Pixel Watch among the screen selection options for the smart watch you have from Samsung or any other brand. .

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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