As expected, the new folding screen smartphone huawei This picture. The device comes with many improvements over its predecessor, but it has an absence that can complicate things for it. The fact is that we are talking about a terminal, which is the most striking and clearly shows the good path that this type of device has taken.

The terminal in question is called the Huawei Mate XS 2, so it’s no surprise. Retaining the lines and form factor of the previous generation, and weighing just 255 grams, if there’s one thing that stands out strongly about this terminal, it’s its display. This 7.8 inch OLED (remains at 6.5 when folded) 120Hz and a resolution of 2,840 x 2,200 pixels.

Two things are new here: on the one hand, the work has been done so that the folding area is negligibly small. almost completely accomplished and therefore terminal it looks a lot like a tablet when on. On the other hand, the closing hinge has been significantly improved – almost invisible – and also allows for much more comfortable one-handed use. As a result, in everything related to the panel, this Huawei model is completely different from, for example, Samsung’s competition.

white Huawei Mate XS 2


Good hardware with a great lack

Generally speaking, it has to be said that this Huawei Mate XS 2 contains components that make it very powerful and make it work well with all kinds of applications, including games. An example of what we said, RAM 8 or 12 GB So your HarmonyOS operating system works like a shot. Whatever has to do with the processor, Qualcomm 888with spare capacity, but Does not support 5G. This is due to the restrictions of the US veto and can cause you to lose options in the market. That’s how things are.

To make up for the aforementioned shortcoming, the terminal includes other very advanced connectivity options such as: tri-band Wi-Fi (two of them 5 GHz) speeds up in principle everything related to Internet access, provided that the router to which it is connected offers this possibility. It is also worth noting that the onboard storage is 256 or 512 GB type UFS; so it will fly while writing data.

A few more things about this Huawei

On the one hand, it is worth noting that the main camera is one of the best to exist in a folding phone. It consists of three sensors that highlight the main one. 50MP and one of eight crucially helping to achieve 3X optical zoom (plus the third 13-megapixel element that lets you take very good quality wide-angle photos).

Colors of the Huawei Mate XS 2


Additionally, it should be noted that when it comes to autonomy, things are not bad as the battery has amperage. 4.600mAh. It may seem a little short for the size of the screen, but 66W fast chargingThis will not be a problem as transactions are extremely fast.

Prices of Huawei Mate XS 2

those who have release Shown below in the presentation in China:

  • Huawei XS 2 / 8 + 256 GB: about 1,440 euros to replace
  • Huawei XS 2 / 12 + 256 GB: about 1,660 euros to replace
  • Huawei XS 2 / 12 + 512 GB: about 1,875 euros to replace

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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