Good sales of the iPhone 14 Pro surprised even Apple itself

A new report from TrendForce shows that demand for the iPhone 14 Pro has exceeded Apple’s expectations and is expected to continue to increase over time.

by Mauricio Martinez on iPhone

New TrendForce data translates to iPhone 14 Pro delight for those in Cupertino. It was estimated that Apple wanted 50% of the production of the iPhone 14 from suppliers. and one of them was Pro models. The figure has increased to 60% with a 65% probability of reaching it..

iPhone 14 Pro sells very well

It turned out that the iPhone 14 Plus did not see the expected demand in the past days. This seemed to lag behind how well Apple did with the iPhone 14 Pro. According to Ming Chi Kuoone of the most accurate analysts, Apple has already asked Foxconn to increase iPhone 14 Pro production by 10%..

The lack of the Pro model above the iPhone 14, which has enough pieces for sale, can be seen both physically and online in the Apple Store. Despite its late publication, It will be a few more weeks to get the initial sales figures and conclude that the Plus model is not the best in sales.Although it is the same size as the Pro Max model, it has some differences.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island is one of the innovations of this generation.

On the other side of the coin, the iPhone 14 Pro is in good demand and exceeds expectations. Weird considering the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t have major changes Except for Dynamic Island and camera improvements. The price remained the same in some markets, with the iPhone 14 raising $100 without replacing the processor and any related changes.

iPhone 15 Pro will serve to increase the gap between devices

This year, Apple decided to aggressively segment its iPhone models. Due to the changes mentioned above, TrendForce states that this gap will continue to widen and will do so with a possible periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro.. As if that wasn’t enough, this lens would only reach the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro back

iPhone 14 Pro, one of the most attractive smartphones of 2022

In addition to a processor change, the iPhone 15 Pro may have up to 8 GB of RAM to complement and match the processor experience. Switching from Lightning to USB-C port will reaffirm that iPhone Pro is already in another era and it was only necessary to see what innovations could differentiate it further from the previous ones.

Finally, highlight the periscope lens will put more emphasis on iPhone. For users who love to zoom, this lens enables a wider optical zoom range. iPhone 15 Pro Max estimated Can reach up to 10x zoom.

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