At the beginning of this month of October 2022, the EU usb type c It has become universal in Europe. And this has collateral implications for many companies, for example view. Those from Cupertino have been slow to bend their arms with the iPhone, but it has happened, and so it’s clear that the change in connectivity technology is a reality.

To date, Apple iPhones used Lightning, a proprietary standard that brings great pleasure to the North American company. However, as with many chapters about it, we are talking about a closed standard that the rest of the manufacturers cannot use, and this is something the EU did not like at all – as with companies – and decided to unify everything. It has to do with the charging ports. And the selected option is USB type C. So those who want to sell equipment in Europe already know what to do…

Apple gives up, yes… but shows its displeasure

To date, there has been no official statement from Apple regarding the change, which many analysts accept as natural, and the truth is, they did not fail this time. Thus, in meeting To Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak, top executives of the Cupertino company Another thing to comply with European regulations. So, as with the iPad and MacBook, the arrival of USB type C to the iPhone is something simple and unstoppable.

The back of a tilted Apple iPhone


Of course, they didn’t miss the opportunity to show their displeasure at having to make changes, because for them Lightning is a perfectly viable option and one that has benefits such as load stability or being more respectful of the environment. second, no specific data is given to document this, yes). The thing is that If it were up to Apple, it would go its own way. because they don’t want to take risks in case the new connection interface fails and turns into a disaster like microUSB. But this is something that doesn’t have options to make it happen, everything needs to be said.

What will be the first iPhone with USB type C?

faced with this question they did not disclose When will they take the step of launching the first of their smartphones with the said connection interface, which shows that they are uncomfortable with the decision taken by the EU, but everything shows this. When Apple shows this change, it will be the iPhone 15 and will unfortunately use the same connection port as other manufacturers. And while it’s no different, the company Tim Cook runs is never going away.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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