stores are being built fined for not following official rules what you can’t sell an iPhone without a charger. Uberaba’s Procon visited ten stores After receiving complaints about this in the city, 9 of them were fined. Amounts payable are different Between R$ 10,000 and R$ 20 thousand per establishment.

Procon de Uberaba’s action was carried out in conjunction with the agency’s provincial division, resulting in at least one of the stores being charged twice at the municipal and state level.

In 2020, with the iPhone 12 family, Apple started removing chargers from iPhone cases on the pretext that the company would reduce its “carbon footprint” in the world. In Brazil, consumer protection agencies have decided to suspend the sale of Apple mobile phones that do not come with a charger in our region.

For the release of the current generation mobile phones, the iPhone 14, Apple has applied for an injunction to be able to sell its products here after the ban on marketing iPhones without a charger. An injunction was issued so the iPhone 14 could be marketed from the moment it was released – but the sale had to be made with a charger.

Procon de Uberaba said it received 16 complaints from consumers accusing stores of selling the iPhone without accessories. The agency will continue to operate in collecting these complaints and verifying stores, which could result in further penalties in the future.

In its defense, Apple told Mobile Time that “all iPhone models sold in Brazil comply with local regulations.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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