Australian company Mars Campers offers campers a great opportunity to relax in comfort in nature, becoming the owner of a durable wear-resistant inflatable camper X Air Space Mars.

Its main advantage – Automated installation, which is used to use several buttons on the control panel. The physical participation of the future owner in the deployment in space is limited to fixing the elements using latches.

Camper Mars Space X Air

The internal “inflatable” interior of Mars Space X Air features two double functions measuring 140 x 190 cm, where four adults and two children develop a bond, and thanks to the included awning, additional space is expanded on the implementation.

But the comfort doesn’t stop there. Inside, there are two refrigerators side by side – a 20-liter case for drinks and a slide refrigerator for voko. Near the entrance, a pull-out kitchen area with a folding countertop, a sink and a stove with noticeable burners is found. At night, the kitchen has LED lighting.

Camper Mars Space X Air

In order not to miss the lonely nature, the designers of Mars Campers turned the rear stereo speakers, 24-inch LED TV and touch-reflex DVD player. Boosting power double battery with a capacity of 100 Ah, complete with a 1000 W inverter and a 30 A charger. An option for those who wish is a 200 W solar panel.

The camper kit also includes a portable toilet and double water tanks for 100 liters of water. Alternatively, you can take a water heater. The total weight of the trailer is 1950 kg. Trailer prices start at $30,000.

Source: Tech Cult

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