Recovering an iPhone 14 lost in the most unexpected place thanks to MagSafe

With this plan, you saved your iPhone!

by Gabriela Martínez on iPhone

Only two months since its release, the iPhone 14 has already become the star of incredible stories that show the carelessness of their owners, but above all confirm the quality of products with the bite apple logo when they were not designed. a) Yes, An iPhone 14 user shared the experience that caused him to lose his new iPhone and got it back thanks to MagSafe.

The event was moderated by YouTuber David Cogan. how he recovered his iPhone 14, which was stuck between wooden planks in a bar, in a hard-to-reach place. But his creativity and MagSafe ensured the story had a happy ending.

trapped iPhone

After seeing his iPhone stuck in a bar and seeing how many of those present failed by using multiple attempts to cross space, he decided to return the next day with a MagSafe Duo charger. a) Yes, Used MagSafe Duo’s power cord as a fishing lineand the iPhone remained stuck in place even when you picked it up with the device.

Based on his experience, Coga now claims that Apple’s MagSafe charger is the company’s best invention. Of course, many users responded after seeing pictures of the trapped iPhone, giving Cogan other tips on how to solve the situation without using this accessory.

While this is not the most extreme case where a user loses their iPhone, it is special to recover. _Other users shared their experience of losing their iPhone, how they found it, often underwater and completely intact until months later.

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Source: i Padizate

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