Apple may be thinking about developing an iPad that can inherit software from the MacBook. The company’s new patent, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, is an accessory that will turn your iPad into a full-fledged computer.

The details of the patent explain that it is a keyboard. Apparently, when you connect it to the iPad, this will create a macOS style desktop interface. In this way, we could use the entire system as if it were a computer, avoiding touching the touch screen of the device.

It also seems that the keyboard can be connected to the iPad in different ways. As explained from 9to5Mac, “offers users more flexibility with a variety of installation methods.” In the patent illustration, we can also see a sample which interface will be activated when the accessory is connected.

This is how Apple’s idea works

Picture obvious apple

As with Mac computers, this keyboard activates the top navigation bar. From it, apparently, it will be possible to access functions such as Finder, Files, Edit, View, Go, Window and Help. We also see macOS-style icons such as AirPlay, Wi-Fi, our devices’ battery, and local date/time. Below we see the desktop where we can order our applications, just like in macOS. Besides, we have application windows, with which we can move around the screen, as in the MacBook. To the left of each one, the Close, Collapse, and Maximize options are also displayed.

Picture obvious apple

According to the patent, this accessory also offers a magnetic stand for the Apple Pencil. means like obvious apple they think that other accessories such as “cameras, projectors or microphones” can be connected through the keyboard hinge.

FIG. 4A clearly shows a macOS-like user interface. It looks like Apple’s Sidecar feature isn’t showing as it’s edge-to-edge; In FIG. 8A, we can see that the loop can provide a connection interface that supports the addition of other accessories such as a camera, projector, microphone, or light.

obvious apple

middle AppleInsider thinks it’s rare to see a macOS interface on an iPad. However, not yet an indication that Apple is trying to integrate its desktop system into a tablet.

Mansana you have already taken a few steps to turn your iPad into a computer. From the advent of powerful M1 chips to the ability to use tools such as Universal Control. Maybe one day the guys from Cupertino will be able to surprise us with a more professional interface for the iPad; and it could be at the next WWDC 2022, which the company will be celebrating this June.

Source: Hiper Textual

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